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Course’s programme AutoCAD 2017 Basic level


Duration: 21 hours  (3 days x 7 hours)

Instructional materials: yes



Introducing designers and drafters to using a versatile program to enhance the designer’s work, in particular: getting about in AutoCAD, placing points in different coordinate systems, creating and editing of flat drawings, preparation to printing.




Day one

  • Getting to know the environment: menu; graphic editor; command line
  • Status bar: grid; snap; polar – description and use, editing settings; Ortho; object snap – description and use; dynamic input
  • Basic concepts: global coordinate system; entering coordinates; absolute and relative coordinates; Cartesian and polar coordinates; placing points in those coordinate systems
  • Basic objects: line, circle, arc, polyline; construction line, ray.
  • Basic modify tools: erase, copy, move, cut, mirror, offset, trim, extend, rotate, stretch; brake, join.

Day two

  • Layers: creating; layer properties; use
  • Blocks: definition, placing; external blocks – basics of creating user’s library
  • Other tools: array; hatch; scale
  • Dimensions: linear, angular, radius, aligned; baseline, continue, dimension space, break, multileader; editing; user dimension styles

Day three

  • Tracking – guidelines, use
  • Texts: single line text, multiline text; editing; user text styles
  • Preparation to pringint: Layout tabs – settings; vieports – placing vieports, scaling; printing using model and using layouts
  • Additional AutoCAD tools: Design Center; tool palettes; tables